Today in the city Rancho Mirage 11.12.2017
Bernie Is Right - Trump Should Resign Over Assault Allegations

Senator Bernie Sanders said this week that Donald Trump should consider resigning over all of the assault allegations against him, as well as the admission that the President gave more than 400 days a...

New Zealand’s ‘good character’ rules could cost Matt Lauer the $9-million lakefront ranch he bought there

New Zealand is seeking further information on sexual misconduct allegations against Matt Lauer to decide if he is still fit to own property in the country. The country requires foreigners wh...

California Gov. Jerry Brown suggests on climate change, Trump doesn't fear 'the Lord' or 'the wrath of God'

Southern California is burning, just weeks after a sizable part of Northern California's wine country went up in flames. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) cites climate change as a significant contributing factor....

21 Rohingya women recount rape by Myanmar armed forces

The use of rape by Myanmar's armed forces has been sweeping and methodical, The Associated Press found in interviews with 29 Rohingya Muslim women and girls now in Bangladesh.

Why Blockchain Is Real And Bitcoin Is A Mirage

The rise in Bitcoin’s value reflects speculation about its future value: This digital currency will have long-term value as long as it is accepted as a medium of exchange and a store of value.

In San Diego, Lessons on Rebuilding From a Neighborhood Once Ravaged by Fire

Residents of Scripps Ranch never thought their suburban neighborhood could be destroyed by a wildfire, until it was.

The Times' boys' basketball rankings

A look at the top 25 high school boys’ basketball teams in the Southland: Rk. SCHOOL (W-L) Next game (last ranking) 1. BISHOP MONTGOMERY (5-0) at Misson Prep tourney, Friday (1) 2. MATER DEI (5-0); Ci...

Rohingya Activist: 'Rohingya Are Not Safe Anywhere'

More than half of Myanmar's Rohingya have fled the country since 1978 because of periodic military crackdowns. Activist Adbul Rasheed is working for the safe repatriation of his people.

Pennsylvania Dem linked to gambling ring awaits sentencing

Former Pennsylvania state Rep. Marc Gergely – who resigned last month – is awaiting sentencing next week on corruption charges in relation to an illegal gambling machine ring.

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